3 Important Steps Before Preparing an Open House

Preparing your home for an open house doesn’t need to be expensive. However, investing some time and effort can make a big difference in your home. This is the main reason why home staging helps in selling a house. On the other hand, an open house can be both rewarding and risky. It is rewarding because it brings many potential and serious buyers. It is also risky because your home can be more appealing to burglars who are pretending to be home buyers but are more interested in your valuables. Open-House-1024x682

Without too much words, here are some ways on how to burglar-proof your property during an open house:

Agent-w-buyers1. Check the house – Before any big day is a preparation day. And just like in every open house, the first step in preparing a property for an open house is to know the condition of the home. In other words, you need to know all the problems in your house that you need to fix like the paint, the door, the burglar and fire alarms or the fire exit. Make sure that all personal stuff like important documents, jewelries and cash are kept in a safety deposit box since you want to avoid possible problems and unpleasant situations.

about2. Update your home – After the repairs and de-cluttering, you can proceed to the outdated areas in your home. The gate door opener if you have a yard (check the best gate openers if you need a replacement), kitchen doors, backdoor gate, window’s lock as well door knobs need to be checked. You don’t need to replace everything, just make sure that it can be locked and still working fine. You don’t want some people sneaking around through the back door while you are at the living room with some potential buyers, right? Small repairs, and minor changes are inexpensive solutions to an outdated home and not only that, these can increase the selling potential of your property and secures your property from burglars pretending to home buyers.

What-to-Look-For-When-Hiring-a-Real-Estate-Agent3 Screen your real estate agent – There are thousands of real estate agents in your area waiting for you to hire and though hiring one can cost you some, it is worth having one very good agent by your side to help you with your real estate transactions. Picking the right real estate agent can be time consuming as in buying or selling properties so make sure that you know your agent. It is worth to have one very good agent by your side to help you with your real estate transactions as well as help you screen potential fake home buyers.

Open houses are proven effective ways to sell real estates. However, there are some people who take advantage of this opportunity and steal from these homes while the owner markets the property to potential buyers. Sadly, there have been news saying these burglars are former real estate agents themselves. In this scenario, every home seller and real estate agents must be aware of maintaining an honest and clean transaction with their clients to ensure a fast and profitable deal especially during these times.

Finding a Great Real Estate Agent – Tips & Tricks

When it comes to real estate agents, experience, personality and skills levels are what drives this industry. There are thousands of real estate agents, and remarkably, 80% of these agents quit within their first year. The remaining 20% usually make it, but surprisingly, 80% of those never make it within their five years. This means that working in a real estate requires hard work and persistence, which is why choosing the right real estate agent, is what will the difference between success and failure for you as an investor or as a homeowner.
Below are few tips and tricks that can be helpful when looking for the best real estate agent for you.

-Meet your agent in their working environment.
If you have time, try finding a real estate agent in his current field workplace. A good agent spends a little time in his office and is mostly attending open houses and seminars. You can always call them to save time and ask them their current location. Here you get a perfect opportunity to meet them and see how they work, and this will help you size them up.Finding a Great Real Estate Agent - Tips & Tricks

-Check out their current listing.
You can always check an agent listing either on their own website or on websites that compile properties into a searchable online database. A good agent understands that real estate is a tough business, and when listing in these market he will ensure that the strategies he or she uses are attractive and can be able to survive the competition around.

-Go for an experienced agent.
Experience in most cases is a significant factor in any industry, but that doesn’t mean that newer agents aren’t capable. It is just a factor that can help you make an informed decision. But think about it in another way: An experienced agent may not have the technological know-how that a new agent may have and in today real estate market that technology is what will make you succeed in this business.Finding a Great Real Estate Agent - Tips & Tricks

-Go to the agent with the right credentials.
The real agent credentials matter a lot. You need to look for someone who is certified to support all codes of ethics. But it is also important to hire someone who has guts- someone who has the ability to be authentic and ready to apply the skills of giving you what you need rather than what you think you want. However, make sure you understand the kind of agent you are dealing with, and who he or she is good at representing. You do not want to hire someone who focuses on the seller, and you are the buyer. If you are buying, you need to find an agent who is on your side, not someone who is representing both sides.
By this point, you already know what to look for in a real estate agent, but another crucial consideration is the dedication of your agent. You need to have someone who has time for you and values your opinion like how your neighbor has all the time to play around with the metal detectors in his yard. Find someone who sets him or herself away from other agents and someone you will be free dealing with. You can always find most of these details from your agents review site, or you can decide to do you own research on their credentials and experiences. Either way having the right real estate agent will have a significant impact on you as the seller or as the buyer.Finding a Great Real Estate Agent - Tips & Tricks